Apparently, women who identify as thick in regard to their body shape and size might as well identify themselves as porridge.

This is according to Huddah Monroe, who drew the wrath of fans on social media, following her inspired lecture on body positivity. According to Huddah, there are only three body types, and we should, therefore, call a spade a spade instead of sugar coating with words such as thick.

“As far as I’m concerned you are either FAT, PETITE or SKINNY! Thick? are u porridge?” Huddah posed the all-important question.

The Nairobi socialite went on to clarify that she believes every woman is beautiful in their own unique way and called for more acceptance of one’s body.

“Today, Call a Spade a Spade and not a big spoon …..I believe Every woman is beautiful in her own unique way that’s why men keep running from one to the other,” wrote Huddah on IG.

She added: “What makes me shook is when people try to body shame women . Especially in this backward society of blacks …Beautiful Skinny women are always being attacked for having no a** for example and FAT women are called THICK to make it sound sexy and not hurt their feelings, LMFAO!”

Huddah concluded by saying, “Point is, People should just accept Others and themselves for who they are coz Even Your fingers are not the same size, stop making your life hard & go follow who/what you love and forget about what you don’t like!!!! SIMPLE ✌?”

The petite beauty is gearing for the launch of ‘Body by Huddah’ next year, a movement that advocates for body positivity and acceptance.


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STAY TUNED – 2019 ready! “Being sexy is all about attitude, not body type. It’s a state of mind….” #BodyByHuddah ?

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I got that African sauce….. Real Stew ?. . @dianibeachfestival @dianibeachclub ? @bodybyhuddah @huddahcosmetics ? . #AfricanSauce

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