Kuna kutoka mbali and then there’s Nameless. No disrespect to the 42-year-old veteran pop artist but the guy is a relic, or a dinosaur, having risen to fame in 1999 through a star-search contest on Capital FM.

Through the early 2000s, Nameless was easily one of the biggest hitmakers in the region alongside fellow Ogopa Deejays artist, the late E-Sir.

So big was Nameless that he landed his first ever corporate endorsement in 2003, just two years after signing with Ogopa.

The endorsement deal was courtesy of the local manufacturing cosmetics company, Flame Tree Ltd, as it launched its first product – ZOE brand of lotions – in the first year of operation, 2003.

Nameless was featured in one of the commercials advertising the Zoe hand & body lotion. To say that the commercial is comedy gold would be an understatement.

On Thursday, Nameless cracked up Instagram when he shared a short clip of the iconic advertisement. He wrote, “Meanwhile shout out to zoe for giving me my first ever product endorsement!! #TBT2003 #Chekauvamiwe.”

We did a little search on YouTube and found the full 37-sec clip directed by Pradeep Chak & Viral Gandhi.

Check it out. The good Ol days.