Dana de Grazia, otherwise known as the Hustle Goddess on social media is a musician, model, and actress who made a name for herself on reality television show ‘Nairobi Diaries.’

She is now one of the hosts of popular Ebru TV show, Let’s Talk. Dana recently made blog headlines when she was barred from seeing Jacque Maribe in court.

She spoke to Pulse about the incident and more.

Why were you frozen from Milimani Law Courts the other day?

Honestly, it wasn’t a personal issue as so many of us had gone to show support for Jacque Maribe. There were so many people in court that day so that is why we were frozen.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice with a double minor in psychology and international relations and I like seeing justice done.

You took Law in campus. How did you get yourself into music videos and TV?

When I moved to Kenya in 2012, I liked the entertainment space and started appearing in music videos. I have worked with artistes like Khaligraph Jones, Petra, Voodoo Seller, 6-Foot, Voodoo and Kayforce.

I’m one very social person who adapts very easily. I have this outlandish style and enchanting personality. I also have eye-catching tattoos that quickly captivated audiences.

You also worked with Eric Omondi on his recent project…

Yes. We went to shoot in Mombasa and it started raining. However, Eric is a very good guy and it was easy to work with him even under such weather.

You were playing rugby while in United States International University (USIU)…

Well, yes. After graduating last year, I continued with my rugby career and joined the Mwamba ladies team. I was the captain on my team back in USIU and fortunately, I met a good guy, a Kenyan rugby player who became my husband.

Husband? Things seems to be moving fast here…

And why not? There is no time to slow down in this life. We dated for a year during which time we got engaged before getting married.

That means you are here for good, no moving back to Chicago?

I have no plans to leave Kenya. I have no interests moving back as I have aligned my career here now. And yes, with a husband here too…

But one would expect you to be so attached to your culture…

That is true but I can still observe that while still here. When unable to fly home in time for Jewish holidays, I make sure I observe them with my husband and my brother.

How did you get yourself into Nairobi Diaries?

I would say I needed the publicity it gave me and that is what I was looking for mostly. In this industry it is easy to make a name for yourself if you work hard and exploit opportunities and so when a friend of mine told me to give it a shot, I went for it.

Would you go back to feature in Nairobi Diaries?

The show is on hold and that notwithstanding, I think I have entered a different phase in life. It was a good stepping stone. I now like my job at Ebru TV where I host the Let’s Talk show.

I want to continue being a media personality as I pursue singing. I love hosting and I’m happy where I am. As much as career growth is important, I don’t want to be thrown into the deep waters now.

You are also into singing?

Yes. I love hip-hop and I have been writing and recording for a while now.

Your family lives in Illinois?

That is where I was born. In the suburbs, only 40 minutes outside the city of Chicago. I was raised with my older sister for most of my life while my younger brother was adopted later to complete the family.

Her mother is Jewish, which gives me a strong sense of self and connection, especially after moving to a country with a small population of Jewish people. My father is in Sicilian.

What is it with all those tattoos?

Tattoos and other piercings are a way of self-expression.