Business came to a standstill in Narok town on Monday after boda-boda and taxi operators discovered one of their colleagues was uncircumcised and forcefully attempted to give him the dreaded cut.

The local businessmen said they got a tip-off that the 35-year-old taxi driver was not circumcised. They added that the man, identified as Brown, had been exhibiting ‘childish’ behaviours eliciting suspicion among his colleagues.

On Monday, they finally confirmed their suspicious after laying an ambush.

“We recently got a tip off from one of his close friends that he was not circumcised. Ironically he has been insulting people by referring them as ‘kihii’(uncircumcised). We laid an ambush on him and when we stripped him we confirmed that he was indeed uncircumcised,” said Joseph Kariuki, a boda boda operator.

The ‘circumcision police’ then quickly raised Sh7,000 to cater for the cut before frogmarching the man to Enkare-Narok river where they cleaned him ahead of the impending cut that he was supposed to have had when he turned 18 as a traditional rite of passage from boyhood to manhood.

However, the man must have been thanking God for the police who arrived just in time to rescue him from the foreskin-hungry mob. The law enforcers had to shoot live bullets in the air to disperse the charged crowd.

Naturally, the area residents were disappointed by the failure by the man to undergo the rite of passage as it was against the Kikuyu cultural practices.

“Our culture that stipulates that boy child must be circumcised should be respected. This man is an embarrassment and we will stop at nothing until he faces the knife like other men,” said John Ngugi.

Ngugi added it was disappointing that the man was a married father of two yet he was still uncircumcised. He noted that through circumcision, even his spouse will be ‘happy’.

“We will not allow him back to the stage until he is circumcised. His wife deserves better and we are sure he will thank us later,” he said.

Confirming the spectacle, Area OCPD Joseph Kisombe said the man was in police custody for his safety adding that those behind the ‘torture’ will face the law.

“We have him in our custody for safety and we are investigating those behind the unlawful act. No one should force the other to undergo circumcision which is a personal issue,” said Mr Kisombe.