“Tunachanga pesa turudishe huyu kijana states….sooooooooojaaa tunavamiwa???.”

Those are the exact words of Kenyan hitmaker Naiboi while reacting to one of Nyashinki’s new releases.

Another YouTube user exclaimed: “Hello, fire department, it’s Nyashinski again.”

Those are just two of the thousands of overwhelming positive reactions to Kenyan boy wonder Nyashinki following his surprise double release on Monday. And they are not wrong, we don’t deserve Nyashinki. I think it’s safe to say that he has graduated from a mere comeback King to a G.O.A.T(greatest of all time).

The former Kleptomaniax rapper dropped the two solo singles yesterday to complete an impressive 10-song catalog since his industry-shaking comeback in May, 2016 with ‘Now You Know’.

His 9th solo single is titled, ‘Finyo'(a slang word loosely translated to mean exaggeration). ‘Finyo’ is a lyrical masterclass that shines a huge light on Nyashinski’s undeniable wordplay as he addresses social ills such as fake social media lifestyles and materialism.

He sings in part, “If your god is money then you’re poor to me.. I have a feeling you’re not who you pretend to be on IG.”

Nyashinski co-wrote ‘Finyo’ with Cedric “Cedo” Kadenyi who is also the brains behind the production.

No sooner had we replayed ‘Finyo’ several times than Nyashinski released his 10th single, Free, a feel-good medley that will make you forget about your problems.

‘Free’ is produced by K Da Great and Mixed & Mastered By Ogopa DJs.

Both songs are only in audio as Nyashinski once again appears to draw people’s attention to his lyrics before serving music videos.

Give ‘Finyo’ and ‘Free’ a listen below or on YouTube.