File photo of teenagers attempting to jump over a fence during a past raid

The Court has ordered the arrest of 30 high school students who were busted at sex and booze shindig in Bomet County last Friday.

Bomet Senior Resident Magistrate Kipkirui Kibelion issued the warrant of arrest against the suspects after they failed to appear in court for plea-taking. The students are facing drunk and disorderly charges.

They were released from police custody on Saturday after paying police cash bails of between Sh1,000 and Sh1,500.

The Magistrate on Tuesday ruled, “I order that the police cash bail be surrendered to the State and a warrant issued against the accused persons.”

The learners had just cleared their final exams when they were arrested at the KCSE farewell party held in an abandoned house in Chepngaina village at the outskirts of Bomet town. Empty beer bottles and used condoms were recovered at the scene.

Police, acting on a complaint from neighbors in the village, stormed the house and found the students in a drunken stupor as music blared from a record player.

Bomet township chief Reuben Ngetich said the students who were in pairs were also dancing and caressing when police arrived.

A woman believed to have been supplying food and alcohol to the students was also arrested with four of the partying students escaping arrest. The woman was also released over the weekend.

The students said the bash was planned when schools reopened for the third term about three months ago. They contributed Sh200 each, with 6 students out of the 36 total opting out of the plans.

The students said they wrote their examinations Njerian Day Secondary School.