Another one bites the dust. Comedian Chipukeezy’s engagement with fiancée Vivian Kerubo is over and so is their relationship.

After days of speculation, the former Churchill Show comedian has confirmed that they have broken up. According to Chipukeezy, the break up was a result of a mutual understanding between themselves.

While he did not reveal the exact cause of the split, Chipukeezy explained that they ended things because they both saw things wouldn’t work out between them.

“To be honest, we agreed that whatever we wanted to do together would not work out, and it was a peaceful agreement. Tulikua tunaenda Canaan tukapata mamba.”

The NACADA director further urged people to stop pestering Ms Kerubo because she is free to date other people.

“We moved on because there is more to life than just love and relationships. People should stop speculating things but instead let her move on with her life. She is free to be out there and get with other people,” Chipukeezy said.

This comes days after Ms Kerubo deleted most of her pictures of Instagram and hinted that her man had been stolen from her.

Chipukeezy noted the lesson he has learned from the failed engagement to Vivian is that he will never publicize his private life again. The former lovebirds got engaged in January, 2016 but the engagement for one reason or another failed to materialise into a wedding.

“I prefer my life to be now private because I don’t think I want to publicize my social life anymore,” said Chipu.

“I wish her well and all the happiness that she deserves and may she find love. I don’t regret anything in that love because it is part of growing,” he added.