Former radio queen Caroline Mutoko has voiced her opinion on the shocking rape and abortion expose of quack doctor Mugo wa Wairimu who has since rebranded after he was first busted back in 2015.

“I’ll never forget the first time I talked about the Mugo wa Wairimu saga. My eyes were swollen from days of crying. It had been a year since my sister had passed away. But some hard truths had to be stated back then in 2015. I stand by them even today,” said Mutoko.

According to Mutoko, many women end up in the trap of quack doctors like James Mugo Ndichu Wairimu for failing to listen to their gut instinct. She added that women don’t investigate and rely on referrals from other women.

“We investigate nothing. It comes from socialization, We are told as women, wacha kujifanya kimenyi..and it has always ledt woman in a very victim situation. Women investigate nothing,” said Mutoko.

“A lot of us would take an OB-GYN (obstetrics and gynaecology) on referral just as we do on hair, nails, and purchases. Women work on referrals. We don’t believe in our own decisions. We don’t investigate, we don’t trust ourselves,” stated Mutoko.

Ms Mutoko further implored Kenyan women not to feel guilty or be afraid of saying no.

“If there is something women can learn out of this story, out of this pseudo gynaecologist called Mugo is that trust your gut, demand more and you are allowed to say no, it’s not okay. Don’t shut your voice down and don’t shut down that little voice in your head as well. Stop shutting that little voice down and stop shutting other women’s voices down,” she advised.

Watch Mutoko’s full remarks in the video below.