It appears honourable member Babu Owino has seen the light with regard to the holy herb.

The Embakasi East member of parliament has indicated that he is ready to pass the proposed Marijuana Control Bill 2018 by Kibra MP Kenneth Okoth.

In September, Mr Okoth wrote to National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi giving notice of introduction of the bill that seeks to legalise the growth and use of Cannabis in Kenya. He asked Muturi for assistance in preparation of the necessary Bill for publication.

As we wait for the petition to be tabled in parliament – if at all that will ever happen given the numerous failed attempts in the past- it seems the Bill will receive massive backing from firebrand politician Babu Owino.

This after the first-time lawmaker had a somewhat “Rastafarian experience” that he shared with his fans on Instagram.

In a couple of posts shared by Babu Owino, he can be seen wearing a Rasta hat with dreadlocks. In one of the pics, lawyer Cliff Ombeta is seen wearing the same hat while chilling in a living room setting.

In another picture, Babu Owino combines the rasta hat and what looks like goofy ‘Macho Nyanya’ sunglasses.

He captioned it: “Hii mboga ni ile mbichi au dry?Niko ready kupitisha ile bill,” drawing excited reactions from Babu’s followers.

One fan wrote, “Mhesh kausha mboga next time hii ni mbichi?”

Another added: “My man ?… Hii enyewe haijakaushwa. Lakini bill ipitee na kukuwe na clause ya kukausha product.”

A third one asked, “Jezz is that you your excellency..”

Another observed: “We hujakula mboga na usha IRIE ukikula utasumbua wewe.”

Others commented urging Babu Owino to pass the Bill.

Here are the pics