Social media personality and businesswoman Anerlisa Muigai had a reflective moment as she celebrated overcoming countless challenges in her Executive Still water business.

Taking to social media, Anerlisa shared pictures of Brazilian football superstar, Ronaldinho, drinking her brand of bottled of water.

Appearing to celebrate the association of her brand with the international mega soccer star, Anerlisa took a trip down memory lane to recall some of the biggest downfalls she has faced, including wanting to close down her company because of debt.

She wrote: “Wherever your product is, make sure it is well positioned. @ronaldinho refreshing himself with @executive_still_water.”

The Keroche heiress further listed five incidents which she said were the worst she has faced before concluding that, “all in all I am grateful for how far we have come as #Nero.”

Read below the five worst incidents in Anerlisa’s words,

“Some of the worst times we have come across are 🙂 1, The worst is when we have so many orders and the packaging machine decides to break down and on top of that when the engineer requests for a machine part that is not even found locally. ( when that happens i also shut down )

2. There is this day that we were to deliver water to a big wedding but when the water was on it’s way, the truck had an accident and all the water was damaged ?‍♀️?‍♀️. We managed to deliver but very late. All the damaged water was recalled ??. 3.This used to be an issue in the beginning but not anymore. Customers wanting the water but not paying for it. I remember wanting to close down the company because too many debts out there making us not able to pay for anything. But since getting a debt collecting agency, All that is over.

4. Some of our packaging materials are not found locally so we get them from abroad, sometimes the clearing of the goods might take forever and that honestly gives me headache because everything has to stop till the goods arrive at the factory.

5. This last one made me breakdown. Last year we had two big weddings deliveries and both weddings had requested that we customise for them with their names and pictures printed on the label.One was Tim weds Sheila and the other one was an indian wedding can’t quite remember the brides name. Tim and Sheila were wedding in Kisumu and the other one in Mombasa. Can you imagine the orders were confused. The truck for Mombasa headed to Kisumu and vice versa. I felt like my head was bursting. Imagine having another persons name and picture printed on your wedding… So what we did we collected all the waters and told our regional distributor to deliver another bunch of water though not branded. I was abit devastated that we couldn’t deliver as agreed. but all in all i am grateful for how far we have come.”