Nairobi Senator Johnson Sakaja has contested plans by environment agencies NEMA and WARMA to demolish Seefar apartments in Nyayo Highrise.

According to Sakaja, the interests of the people are being overlooked in the name of saving the environment.

Speaking when he toured the earmarked building on Thursday, Sakaja said: “It is unfair for the government to approve a building and to come later and demolish the same.”

The Senator, who was accompanied by several MPs, NEMA and WARMA officials, further faulted the government accusing it of being   hypocritical.

“It is very hypocritical to push for affordable housing yet the same government is leading a demolition of more than 4,000 units,” said Sakaja.

He added that in as much as the government wants to preserve the environment, the Nairobi regeneration team should come up with better ways that will not hurt property owners.

A number of Nairobi MCAs have also expressed outrage over the planned demolition, including Highrise MCA Kennedy Oyugi, in whose ward the building is located.

Oyugi demanded an explanation from the county government on whether the building stands on riparian land.

“The management of this apartment has provided all approval documents by the county, NEMA, WARMA and national construction authority. The county should tell if they approved a building on a dam reserve,” Oyugi said.

Oyugi said more than 250 homeowners risk losing their life savings if the authorities demolish the houses without compensation.