Did you know that Janet Mbugua’s husband, Eddie Ndichu, used to be a television presenter? If you didn’t, it means you also didn’t know that he hosted the show alongside celebrated media personality and singer Sanaipei Tande.

For what it’s worth, we didn’t know either until Throwback Thursday yesterday when Eddie took a trip down memory lane to his modeling days.

Eddie, who is now kicking a$$ in the corporate world as Opera’s managing director and vice president for Africa, shared a snippet of the hosting gig on Insta and revealed that he was still seeking employment.

“#TBT ? when I decided to start modelling and hosting TV shows while looking for a job ? woiii @sanaipeitande was a complete natural and has never changed while sisi tuliforce na sasa tumezeeka na mpaka kipara! Nione mtu akicheka ? nitacatch! Wherever you are in life, trust your journey and in God,” he posted.

Based on this, our curiosity was piqued and we dug deeper for more info and possibly a video.

As it turns out, Eddie and Ndichu hosted a show dubbed ‘The Director’s Cut’ on NTV that was all about reviewing movies.

If you needed some motivation and a reminder that ‘Watu Hutoka Mbali’, watch the clip below.