East African Powerhouse group Elani has released the second single off their sophomore album, ‘Colours of Love’.

The love song album is an unfolding love story which journeys through all the five phases of a relationship, representing each with a colour.

The colours include Yellow representing puppy love, Red for a couple falling in love, Grey is for when doubts come into the relationship and someone starts picking calls in another room, Black is for the break up, and then the White phase is for when they find hope again.

The vastly talented trio of Maureen Kunga, Brian Chweya and Wambui Ngugi are still in the Yellow phase following the release of the second single titled ‘Jinsi.’

Elani describes ‘Jinsi’ as follows:  “We are still in the yellow phase of love, falling deeper and deeper into our feelings with this feel-good, wedding vibe song.”

‘Jinsi’ is produced by Paul Kyende and Saint P, and mixed and mastered by Musyoka.

The song has been released only in audio and we sure can’t wait for its visuals which beg for a chakacha theme to accompany the catchy beat.

Listen to ‘Jinsi’ below.