Githunguri MP Gabriel Kago Mukuha ‘Wa Lydia’ has been accused of assault by his wife, Emily Wanjiku Gitiha.

The lawmaker is said to have attacked and brutally injured his wife at their home in Loswan Estate, Kiambu Road on Friday night.

According to sources privy to the incident, Gabriel Kago arrived home in a drunken stupor and descended on the lactating mother of four with kicks and blows.

Family sources claim that the first-time lawmaker was angered when his wife – who is a medical practitioner, asked him how it was possible she had been treated for an STI three times in under a year despite remaining faithful to him.

“Kago (MP) called our mother at around 3 am and told her that we should go for ‘the malaya (prostitute) in his house referring to my sister or else we go pick her dead body in the morning,” a brother to the victim is quoted.

“By the time I arrived to rescue my sister, she was hiding in the servants quarter. He attacked her using an ironing box causing serious injuries all over the body,” he added.

Wanjiku’s family further alleges that this is not the first time the MP had assaulted her and she has on several occasions been forced to seek asylum with her family.

In one instance early this year, the MP’s mistress reportedly ambushed and attacked Wanjiku at a supermarket.

When she returned home after the confrontation with the mistress, Mr Kago allegedly beat and inflicted further serious bodily injuries on her.

The mistress, with whom the MP has sired a child, is said to be his wife’s relative.

Wanjiku has since recorded a statement with the police and obtained a P3 form indicating that she sustained injuries on several parts including the neck, scalp, thighs, upper back and pain while swallowing.

The medical report also cites kicks, an iron box and blunt object as some of the objects used in the assault.