Phobias; we all suffer from at least one, with the most common ones being Acrophobia(Fear of Heights), Arachnophobia(Fear of Spiders), and Ophidiophobia(Fear of Snakes).

Well, have you ever wondered what your favorite local celeb is most afraid of? Wonder no more!

Crème de la Crème

He confesses that he has an uncontrollable fear of darkness and new bedrooms or hotel rooms.

“I get very paranoid and sleep with the lights on in hotels whenever I travel. I always feel like someone could sneak into my room,” he says. 

Kush Tracy

The Ndulu hitmaker went into a fit and stormed out of the snake park while on a school trip years ago.

“I just can’t stand snakes yet I find myself in situations involving the slithering reptile,” the rapper confesses.

Fena Gitu

The ‘Sijaskia Vibaya’ hitmaker is still haunted by a snake she encountered years ago.

“Anybody who can stand the sight of a snake must have a stone cold heart. I once almost stepped on one at the park and the thought of it still haunts me to date.”

H_Art The Band

Skoko Abednego admits having a fear of falling in a bathroom.

“I’ve always thought it’s not honourable to get injured or kick the bucket while naked.”

Kenchez Muya is afraid of heights while Modecai would sleep in a den of lions but not in a room with mosquitoes.

From left: Kenchez, Skoko, Modecai

“These pesky bugs are vampires and they freak me out. Oh and the pain after the bite.”

Shaffie Weru

The radio king can’t stand rodents.

“I’m like an elephant that fears mice. Once an onion rolled on the floor and I thought it was a rat. I almost broke a leg as I jumped on the kitchen sink screaming, even watching Tom and Jerry was already traumatising.”


The songbird had an ordeal with a Dede(grasshopper) when she was young and she has never been the same again.

“I don’t like them at all. I find them so creepy that’s why I’m so cautious while walking in long grass or bushes. A grasshopper once leapt on me in primary school and I cried so hard. I remember the trauma to date vividly.”

Amina Abdi Rabar

The ‘Trend’ presenter depends on her man, DJ John Rabar, to deal with roaches.

“I cannot stand their sight. It even gets worse as some of them can fly. I make sure my hubby sorts the mess anytime I have come across one.” 


The radio personality cannot picture himself being bigger than he is and fears becoming fat.

“I don’t know how life would be if I wasn’t this small. I’m very comfortable with my size.” 


Elani have had their fair share of life-changing ordeals. Brian Chweya confesses that rising above the first floor in a building makes him anxious, while Maureen Kunga was once attacked by a spider as a young girl. The loud screams and squeaks could have played a part in her amazing vocals.

Meanwhile, Wambo remembers being chased by canines while she was young.

“Luckily I jumped into the house and managed to bang the door with my feet. I cannot stand dogs to date,” she confesses.

Source: Pulse