Former Big Brother Africa star Millicent Wambui Mugadi is the newest celebrity mum in town after welcoming twins last week.

Millicent, who is now Ziwani/Kariokor ward MCA, welcomed the twin girls last Friday.

“It feels good and blessed to be a mother. Throughout the nine months I was waiting for that day that I would hold my babies in my arms,” said the lawmaker.

She further opened up about how tough it has been being pregnant and working at the same time. Mugadi, who is one of the only five elected female MCAs in the Nairobi county assembly, is also the chairwoman of the Education committee.

“Being pregnant and working is tough, especially for a politician. Remember you have to be on the ground with residents, attend to assembly matters and at the same time go for hospital check-ups,” Mugadi said.

“With all the morning sickness and mood swings, expectant mothers push on and still go to hustle. I salute all the mothers out there,” she added.

Millicent said she chose Nairobi First Lady Primrose Mbuvi as the twins’ godmother.

“Mrs Mbuvi is a very close friend of mine, and she has been with me throughout the period. I respect her for that,” Mugadi said.

She advised Kenyan women to embrace motherhood and always be dedicated to their hustle.

“Enjoying fruits from your sweat is a good feeling. Hard work will always pay, and women should be proud of their hustle,” Mugadi said.

“You need to balance between motherhood and work. You need your work to feed your kids and your kids need your presence as they grow up.”