When a wise woman once said that the strength of a woman can carry the weight of the world, she was absolutely spot on. That quote has been validated by a hardworking Kenyan woman who was pictured doing the strenuous activity of pulling a cart.

While pulling a cart is often a preserve of able-bodied men, the woman proved that what men can do women can do better as she included her daughter in the fully-loaded cart.

The woman was spotted pulling the cart packed with ripe bananas along Landhies Road near Muthurwa Market.

Twitter user, @winnieww_, spotted the incredible woman, took a couple of pictures and shared them on the social platform.

She wrote: “Seen this woman pulling a cart full of ripe bananas on this sunny day with a baby girl hanging on it. Women continue to amaze me.”

The pictures sparked reactions from KOT whose hearts were warmed by the woman’s sheer determination to make ends meet.