Apparently, gospel musician Nicah The Queen never gets extreme unsolicited online messages from her fans.

The voluptuous singer and former ex-fiancee of comedian Dr Ofweneke is among the most gorgeous women in the industry and social media. As such, one would be mistaken to think that her DMs are ever full of creeps with ill intentions.

According to Nicah, the secret to keeping such kind of social media users at bay is simple.

“I think people who view your page and see how you are dressed and what you post, that’s when they can start DMing you crazy stuff. When all you are quoting is the Bible, encouragement stuff and posting decent photos, I don’t think people will DM you those things. The only thing I get is like: you are very beautiful, some want to take me out for lunch, but sijawai pata extreme things. If you pose naked you will get sexual attention,” said Nicah.

Nicah is currently enjoying positive feedback on her latest release dubbed ‘Naringa.’

Check it out below.