Neighbors rescue Miriam Kalunda Kakua

A domestic quarrel in Makueni County ended in tragedy after a man stabbed his 4-months old son dead and slashed his wife with a machete before setting his house ablaze.

The incident occurred at Nguluni market, Nduluku in Mbooni East Sub-county on Wednesday night.

Confirming the incident, the area police boss Mr. Peter Njeru said the man had intentions of killing the whole family and self but when neighbors saw smoke emanating from his house, they rushed to the scene forcing the man to escape.

“The man picked a machete, which he used to inflict a severe cut on the right forearm of his wife leaving the arm by a strip of skin and several deep cuts on the head”, said the OCPD.

He added, “The man transferred his anger to his son cutting his forehead and gorging the eye and fled the scene”.

The man, identified as Zabron Muisyo Mutua, 40, was caught and lynched by irate locals 2-kilometers away from the scene.

The child was found dead but residents managed to rescue his wife, 31-year-old Miriam Kalunda who was rushed to Kisau sub-county hospital before she was transferred to Makueni Level 4 hospital for further treatment with serious deep cuts.

Area chief Mr. Jeremiah Makau said the two had married recently and the time they had lived together in that region no reports on family feud had been reported.

“The man is from Machakos, but the lady is from my village and since they married and settled in a room at the market no family dispute had been reported to me and the neighbors reported that they were living well till yesterday when the scuffle emerged”, said Makau.