Dating is hard, we can all agree. In fact, it is the worst sometimes and each one of us probably has a story or two about a bad went we went on.

Luckily, bad date stories are always entertaining and fun to tell. A couple of Kenyan entertainers have shared their experiences with bad dates.

Timmy T-Dat

“I was in campus, second year, when I met this ‘chick’ who was a fellow student. Despite stern warnings from her parents that I should stay away from her, we fell for each other. One day, I went ahead and asked her out for a date at a nearby restaurant.

Thirty minutes after my arrival, she walked in looking quite disturbed even as she went ahead to hug me. Before we could settle down, her mean-looking father who had come with policemen caught me. I ended up spending a day in the cells before my family finally bailed me out.”

Femi One

“We were in this posh restaurant and as we waited for our meal to be served, we were given some sanitising water that my date ended up drinking instead of washing his hands. You can imagine how I felt as everyone witnessed the clumsy moment.”

Vicmass Luodollar

“We met on social media and I asked her out for lunch. That evening, she willingly accompanied me to our house. One thing led to another and before I knew it, the condom suddenly burst during the heat of things. Four days later I discovered I (had) contracted an STI after visiting a hospital with advice from friends.

Efforts to trace the lady were in vain. I have never met her since.”

Kush Tracey

“Even after making an expensive order in a chic hotel I ended up taking care of the entire bill with the cash I had budgeted for making my hair after he made me believe that he forgot his wallet in the house.”

Anto NeoSoul

“I was attracted to this girl I had met in college. Unfortunately, she was a beautiful girl with an ugly personality. One day, we went for a date at a place near the University of Nairobi and she became so rude to the waiters that I was embarrassed.

She kept cursing and shouting because of the wrong order and even cutlery arrangement. Everyone wondered what I, this celeb in town, was doing with such a bi**h.


“We went for an event together with this guy and once we got there it is like he forgot he had come with someone; he was all over talking to people and I got fed up so I confronted him. I approached him and told him off but since it was a function I left after a short while. He tried calling me but I don’t tolerate such behaviour.”

Papa Dennis

He says that he took a girl out on a lunch date only to be embarrassed by the manner in which she ate the food. “She ended up clearing an entire plate of food, and worse still didn’t know how to use a knife and folk.”