Celebrated radio personality Adelle Onyango is set to fly the Kenyan flag high once again, this time in the United Kingdom.

Adelle, whose efforts to empower young women through mentorship and apprenticeship programmes continue to gain international recognition, will be a guest speaker at the Children’s Global Media Summit.

The Kiss FM radio presenter will be on a panel of three Cyberbullying experts who will address young people’s mental health at the Summit scheduled for December 5th-7th.

Helping children to thrive online will be the key focus of Adelle’s panel which will include Australia’s leading cyber safety expert Susan McLean, and Professor Sonia Livingstone OBE, member of the Royal Foundation Taskforce on the Prevention of Cyberbullying.

The ‘Thriving Online’ session will explore how young people can strike a balance between freedom and wellbeing online.

It will also address how, as technology evolves, children’s mental health can be affected.

Adelle said: “How I defeat bullies is by not giving them my power.  I think what’s important is to know yourself and know that you’re on a journey to knowing yourself. It’s also to know that bullying has nothing to do with you – it’s hurting people who hurt others. It’s the bully who is going through issues, not you. Knowing this takes away the bully’s power to control you and to claim you as a victim.”

Other sessions which will explore how to protect young people’s freedom in the digital world include The Router of All Evil, Digital Distractions and If You’re Not Paying, You’re the Product.

The Summit will seek to redesign the digital world for future generations of young people, within five themes of empowerment, innovation, freedom, entertainment, and education.

Curated by the BBC and taking place in Manchester, the Summit will feature keynotes from leading figures at YouTube, Sesame Workshop, Viacom Africa, The Envisioners and The Premier League.

Adelle Onyango, who was recently named in the list of 100 Most Influential Women 2017, has expressed excitement for the invite.

Taking to social media, she wrote: “Super excited and honored to be representing Kenya in Manchester at the Children’s Global Media Summit as a guest speaker in a few weeks!”

“I know my country has many young people, who are creative enough to shape African content online and we need to ensure they can do that safely!”