Months after 6-month-old Samantha Pendo died after being injured on the head in their house, justice is yet to catch with the alleged perpetrators.

Baby Pendo died on August 5 a few days after she was allegedly hit on the head with a baton by anti-riot police officers.

Her parents have cried out to the State to deliver justice for their child’s killing, saying they do not want compensation. They have also dismissed a report by the Independent Policing Oversight Authority (IPOA) that said it could not identify the particular officer(s) who caused the death.

Baby Pendo’s parents have termed the report unjustified, adding that the officers who killed their child were well known.

Pendo’s mother, Lancer Achieng’, questioned why the investigations did not lead to the identification and arrest of the officers.

“When they came to investigate the matter after the death of my child, we gave all the leads that could have led to the arrest of the culprit. How come they are telling us that they are not able to lay their hands on a specific officer?” she wept.

“My baby died out of internal bleeding, are we the ones who did that? Why can’t they identify the officers who caused my child’s death?” screamed Ms Achieng’.

She said that the troops that were sent to Kisumu to calm down the protesters following the declaration of Uhuru Kenyatta as President after the August 8 election are well known and it should not take a long time to identify them.

“I know they are trying to hide them but I am very sure that justice will prevail for my child. We expected a report that could have led to their arrest and not the one that was released yesterday,” said Pendo’s father Joseph Abanja.

“What was the purpose of doing the investigations? Why are they adding us more pain?” he quipped.

The Ipoa report advised Pendo’s parents to pursue civil proceedings against National Police Service for compensation.

“This is going to cost me more pain because I don’t even know where to start. What I want is justice for my child. They took away my happiness after several agonies and now they are telling me that they cannot get those who killed my child. I am going to file a case and get justice for my child,” said Ms Achieng’.

“When I was shouting at the top of my voice for the officers to spare my daughter’s life, they did not care … The report has served us injustice,” said Abanja.

He added that IPOA did not inform them that it had released the report even though they cooperated during investigations.

“I am wondering how they are communicating. Why didn’t they find it wise to share with us the outcome? I am reading so many things here but God will see us through this,” he said.

Additional Reporting by Daily Nation