With CDF cash expected to be released this week, at least 112 constituencies are likely to miss out for failure to constitute committees to manage the kitty.

National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi on Tuesday said that the NG-CDF Board has only received nominees from 178 constituencies. The said board receives monies from the National Treasury for subsequent disbursement to the constituencies.

The refusal by the Opposition to name their members to various committees has also resulted in the House being in limbo.

Babu Owino on his part has set a condition for banks if his administration is to conduct business with either bank using the CDF monies.

Taking to social media, the controversial legislator said the bank he conducts business with must provide employment opportunities for residents of Embakasi East.

“For me to open Embakasi east cdf account with any bank in Kenya or proceed with the existing account, the bank must provide employment opportunities to at least 10 residents of Embakasi east.If the above Condition is not met the bank should forget business from us.DO ME I DO YOU, declared Babu.

According to Babu, several banks have since agreed to his demands, although none of the banks have issued any kind of response.

”The following banks contacted me today and have agreed to employ residents of Embakasi east.Coop bank,CBA,KCB and Equity bank. Embakasi east residents love you.Need cvs, ”Babu wrote.

Here’s how his followers reacted to the declaration:

  • valarykambona: Haki wewe Babu
  • nobemannagodd1Nice one . Do me I DO YOU. God no go VEX???
  • juneveralBrains ka zako ndio tunataka….
  • mamakayla1Great thinker
  • hawa_the_firstlady@babuowino ??
  • vin_kogYou can ave your own bank
  • joe.dio_kenyanrealest@babuowino wish u were both the MP of embakasi east and west coz uku embakasi east tunaumia our MP hafanyi kitu bana
  • muruginjeruhWeee account ziko KCB wacha muhahi
  • omondirichTibim!
  • mwaipat3Tialala
  • eustermaimaniNice thot mheshimiwa
  • saif_muhaComrade Power!!! Babu Owino Raaah! Babu tibiim!! Bank tialala…
  • omangera_hermajestyTibiiiim
  • thesheilahndegwa??????????????
  • raelsimeonTibiiim ?‍♀️?‍♀️?? grandfather ???
  • dina_kasukuGreat mind
  • drsinjaThat is OK
  • naimamielProud of my mp
  • seshmamakayIt’s a win win situation???
  • lochesswonderi love this