Tanzanian actress Elizabeth “Lulu” Kimemeta Michael has been found guilty of manslaughter for killing without intention former Bongo Movie Star Steven Kanumba.

The High Court in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania made its ruling yesterday and sentenced the popular actress to two years in prison.

The late Steven Kanumba died on April 7, 2012, at Sinza Vatican areas in Kinondoni District after a quarrel with the actress, with whom he was reportedly in a romantic relationship with.

During a preliminary hearing conducted about three years ago, Senior State Attorney, Monica Mbogo, alleged that on the material day, Kanumba spent a day at his home together with his young brother Seth Bosco.

At around midnight, Kanumba told his young brother to prepare for an outing.

“While preparing themselves, the accused person(Lulu) came and upon entering the house she went straight to the deceased’s room,” the prosecutor alleged.
She went on, “After some few minutes, the deceased’s young brother heard the deceased and accused person quarreling.”

According to the prosecutor, Bosco also heard the deceased complaining as to why Lulu was talking to her boyfriend in his presence.

Thereafter, she alleged, the quarrel went on and a physical fight ensued where the accused person was heard crying.

“The deceased’s young brother approached the bedroom door and saw the accused person trying to force herself out of the room, but was pulled inside by the deceased and the door was locked from inside by the deceased,” the prosecutor told the court.

A few moment later, the accused person got out of the room and informed Bosco that Kanumba had fallen down. Bosco quickly entered the room and found his brother lying on the floor unconscious.

He immediately called Kanumba’s doctor, Palpas Kageiya, who rushed to the scene and upon examining Kanumba, he established that he had already died.

Elizabeth Lulu is most popular in the East African region, and is famed in Kenya following gospel singer Bahati’s public confession of his feelings for the actress during an interview with Mambo Mseto Radio show:

“Nikieza mpata Lulu Elizabeth Michael ni kama nitakuwa nimetulia kabisaaa. Mtaacha kusikia niko single. Siwezi mind, Millard Ayo akileta stori za bongo mwambie nimemtuma apeleke hiyo barua kwa Elizabeth.”

(If it was possible for me to get Lulu Elizabeth Michael, I would settle down for good. You will not hear that I’m single again. Tell Millard Ayo- popular Tanzanian blogger- that I have sent him to tell Elizabeth that. )