A family in Mombasa is in mourning following an apparent suicide of a 10-Year-Old girl in Mrima, Likoni on Sunday.

The minor is said to have hanged herself using a ‘Leso’ after her mother left her behind for a trip to Nairobi. She reportedly wanted to spend the holidays in the Capital City.

Confirming the tragic incident, Likoni deputy OCPD Anthony Shimoli said the girl was sad the whole of Sunday before eventually killing herself in the evening.

“The minor took a leso which belongs to her mother and put a stool near the door where she tied the leso and hanged herself,” Mr Shimoli said.

He said the Standard Four pupil killed herself a few minutes after her father left her in their house watching television.

“In less than five minutes the father was called by neigbhours and told that his daughter has committed suicide. Everyone is still shocked here,” said a relative who asked not to be named.

The relative said the father had promised to travel with the girl to Nairobi at a later date and had requested her to let her mother travel alone.

“We are terrified by the incident. In fact the mother is even planning to come back to Mombasa after she heard of the shocking incident as the family tries to come to terms with the death of the kid,” he added.

Police said they are investigating the circumstances that led to the suicide.

“It is the father who alerted the police over the same and we are not holding any suspect as per now but we our investigations are on. We want to get the finer details of the whole thing,” said Shimoli.