The chickens are finally coming home to roost for Kenya’s infamous eyewitness Dennis Ngengi. Days after a manhunt was launched and he was subsequently arrested, his estranged wife has proferred more information about the mysterious man.

DCI investigators have since established that his real name is Charles Karanja from Mathira, Nyeri county.

His wife, who has been identified as Damaris Karuitha, has told DCI detectives that she was convinced the man was a security officer based at State House.

According to Karuitha, she had come across several images of a person who resembles Karanja seated behind President Uhuru Kenyatta during government functions.

“They were posted on his Facebook page, affirming my belief that my husband was a security officer,” she said.

The Star reports that it wasn’t until officers from the Special Crimes Prevention Unit caught up with Karuitha in Nairobi that it emerged the person in dark spectacles, who sat behind the President, was not the father of her children.

She said Karanja visited her Nairobi home several times and would receive calls from a number he had saved as H.E(His Excellency). She added that Karanja would tell her he was speaking to President Uhuru.

Karanja and Karuitha met in 1996 in Nanyuki where a then young, eloquent, charming, and smartly dressed Karanja introduced himself as a military officer and promised to marry Karuitha and relocate her to Nairobi.

The woman said she could not resist his romantic approaches and soon found herself in his house as a wife and mother of two.

The suspect’s sister has also confirmed with police his real name and his deceitful tendencies.

In statements to police, Nancy Wanja described Karanja as a “pathological liar who masquerades as a military officer or police officers attached to the President’s escort”.

She said he dropped out of class seven and insisted he never enlisted as a police officer or soldier. She said she did not know what the 40-year-old father did for a living.

His uncle, Francis Njogu, whose house Karanja grew up in, confirmed their relationship and his real name. He also told police he did not know what Karanja did for a living.

A bar owner in Kenol, Murang’a, has also told investigators that Karanja tricked her into a relationship by pretending he was an influential State House operative.

He reportedly frequented the woman’s establishment where he enjoyed free beers and boasted in the presence of other patrons about speaking to the President on phone.

He had promised the businesswoman that he would help her secure a contract worth millions of shillings with the government.

Police found several job applications in Karanja’s car and said he had promised people that he would help them secure employment.

After his arrest on Thursday last week, investigators almost took Karanja for a mental check-up at Mathari hospital. This was after he took them to State House which he termed his home.

Guards at the gates of State House told police they had never seen Karanja and that he was not their colleague. Officers later established he lived in Nairobi’s Kayole estate.