Raila Odinga’s daughter, Winnie Odinga, has claimed that her father would have been shot during the chaos that rocked the Opposition leader’s convoy on Jogoo Road last week.

According to Winnie Odinga, a tear gas canister was thrown at Raila Odinga’s car before fire was opened. The Opposition has since claimed that there was an assassination attempt on Raila.

The NASA leader’s adviser Salim Lone, said in a statement on Monday “laughable assertions that no bullets were used that day” were used to dismiss the claim of any such attack.

While Interior ministry spokesman Mwenda Njoka dismissed the claims of attempts on Raila’s life.

“Claims of an attempt on Raila’s life that are being circulated on social media are false and absolutely baseless,” he said via Twitter on Friday.

But Salim Lone quoted Winnie as saying: “It came out of the blue, this huge blast of a tear gas canister hitting the car from one of those weaponised throwers you have seen in videos. That was immediately followed by other hand thrown canisters and at least half a dozen gunshots that hit the car all around us, of the kind you associate with AK47s.

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“I just could not believe that the former PM’s car was actually coming under fire in broad daylight with scores of witnesses looking on.”

Winnie said the ammunition which hit the windscreen did not go through given the Range Rover is bullet proof.

‘The most frightening moment was when a bullet hit the windscreen and shattered it. Had it not been a bullet proof car, that bullet would have hit Mzee. Two bullets also hit the car on the side I was sitting.”

Raila had returned from the US accompanied by Winnie Odinga