Following the death of her grandfather, singer Akothee has paid tribute to the man she described as her best friend in a new song.

Akothee’s ageing grandpa, James Ogendi Oyieko, died last month after a battle with an undisclosed illness. Akothee took to social media two weeks ago to break the sad news to her followers who were all too familiar with Mr Ogendi. On numerous occasions, Akothee used social media to reveal her endearing relationship with her grandfather.

She eulogized him; “I wanted to enjoy the little I have with you, that’s the reason I built my home next to you, my heart is directly connected to you, You are the only true husband in my life,” the singer said in the heart-wrenching post.

She added:  “I have been praying to God to give me strength to accept when nature calls. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH GRANDPA FARE THEE WELL OSIEPNA JAMES OGENDI.”

On Monday, the ‘Baby Daddy’ singer released a tribute song dubbed ‘Lala Salama.’ (Rest in Piece).

Listen to the track below.