“Hii ndio independence tulipigania? They must be turning in their graves Akina Bildad kaggia. Time dollar imefika mia na Tv na radio zimekuwa kimywa, Si mfunge izo stations. Wameiba wako vacations, What’s the irony Sisi ndio tunasota, Kawaida mwananchi works anakosa Wasanii Hakuna concerts Ni wapi Kenya Tulikosa?”..

Those are just but some of the superb lyrics by rapper King Kaka in his new sociopolitical track dubbed ‘Bonga'(Speak). The conscious track comes amidst the long-drawn-out electoral process that has seen violence break out in some parts of the country.

In the track, King Kaka addresses everything that’s wrong with Kenyan politics; corruption, tribalism, unemployment, police brutality, street protests, and more.

King Kaka also uses ‘Bonga’ to foster peace and love among Kenyans from all walks of life.

The track, only released in audio for now, is earning nothing but positive reviews and we all agree. This is one of King Kaka’s finest works in recent times.

Listen below.