Since last week Thursday, Kenyan Twitter has been caught up in a discussion about cases of harassment against women. This is after a Kenyan on Twitter set the precedence with allegations that actor Nick Mutuma sexually harassed his girlfriend.

The Kenyan on Twitter, @KoomeGitobu, claimed that the actor groped and tried to force himself on his unwilling girlfriend at the Ameru Festival in 2016.

The actor has since denied the allegations, saying: “I entirely deny the story that is currently circulating about me. I’m extremely distressed that I’m being linked to this. I am passionate about creating an environment where women feel – and are – safe and respected. I would like to speak to @koomegitobu and his gf directly.”

A similar allegation has also been leveled against Capital FM presenter Joe Muchiri. One @bintiM alleges that the Capital FM production manager groped her two years ago.

Following the reports of sexual harassment, a tweet by one @_omalicha__, asking women to share the things they would if harassment didn’t exist, shed light on just how difficult day to day life for the Kenyan women can be.

Clearly, something drastic needs to be done to change this worrying and primitive social construct against our women.

Check out the Twitter thread below.