DJ Creme dela Creme has come out clean about his earlier feelings about high-flying rapper Naiboi.

Naiboi, formerly Rapdamu, is currently ruling the airwaves either as a producer or a recording artiste. His most recent release is the banging ‘I Wanna Be’ featuring Creme de la Creme.

As the duo continues with their media tour to promote the song, Creme has opened up to a local tabloid about his earlier reservations about Naiboi when he was rapdamu.

“Let me tell you, I hated this guy Naiboi. In fact, I hated his songs. I was like, who is Rapdamu? What is Rapdamu? Anarap nini?I had problems with his music. Honestly, I wasn’t picking his calls, its about eight to ten years,” he said.

Creme added that he appreciates the work Naiboi and other Kenyan artistes are putting into their songs now that he’s gotten the experience.

“I never used to know that artistes have been putting a lot of hard work on their songs. Now, I appreciate because I have an experience of what they go through.”

Naiboi added: “I appreciate that Crème has started having the heat of what we go through, most DJs don’t appreciate us, they’re so judgmental. Once a DJ releases a song and other DJs are not playing it, they’ll understand what I go through. I’m praying for all Kenyan DJs to be artistes, then wasukumiane kwa hao DJs wengine waone kama watacheza.”

Speaking about how ‘I Wanna Be’ came to be, Naiboi said: “He sent me a beat and I told him to delete the beat from his computer. I travelled and came back and our song was born. I did that so that he couldn’t show it to anyone. I loved the beat. We recorded it at 2am.”

The two went on to urge radio presenters and DJs to stop subjecting songs to the ‘hit or miss’ poll.

“There are so many DJs coming out and they are so talented. I feel the love out here and I think they will take this nation to the promised land,” Naiboi said.

“Radio presenters should not ask listeners if a song is a hit or a miss. Wengine wakitoa ngoma kutoka majuu, no one subjects it to that kind of question. Hao huingiza kwa system na inaplay. I believe kazi ya DJ ni kubreak ngoma ikue kubwa but ukipeleka song kwa DJ na ankuambia uache ishike kwanza ndio uilete! Nani atashikisha?” Crème added.