Veteran Kenyan comedian Daniel Ndambuki alias Churchill is once again heavily involved in the development and nurturing of new comedians in the industry.

Through the new talent search show dubbed ‘The Ultimate Comic’, Churchill, in partnership with Maisha Magic East, aims to grow new talent in the comedy industry and give a chance for both the young and old alike to realize their dreams.

36 contestants have already been selected to go head to head for the coveted top prize of a TV contract, Sh1 million, and a car.

“Thirty-six comedians are going to step up on the stage. Maybe not all will end up doing professional comedy, but out of the 36, I’m sure five will make it in the industry, and that is a big addition to the industry,” Churchill said.

“What I can tell the upcoming comedians is that they are the future and it takes time. It has taken me 15 years to be here, and they don’t have to take that long. They just need to understand the direction they want to take and focus on it. Follow your heart and your passion. If have it, you have it; it is what it is.”

Churchill, who has mentored most Kenyan comedians, also spoke about his joy in seeing each one curve their own niche in the industry.

“I feel like a headmaster to the comedians I have mentored. The dream of every teacher is to see all of you end up doing something good for your careers. There is no teacher who wishes for students to become subordinate members of staff, one who winds up slashing grass in a school you went to. No teacher will want that,” Churchill said.

He added: “Comedy is a serious business. If you don’t laugh, that means you have more problems than we can make you laugh. So just appreciate, support us, pay, don’t ask for complimentary tickets. We need that money so that you don’t say we are broke. Parents, if you have a talented kid, encourage them, you never know. It is a new market and I am sure the future is content, and once the content is put on a digital platform and on your phones, I think in two to three years, we shall be talking of a different story.”