The businessman who accused gospel singer Bahati of defrauding him Sh 200,000 has revealed more details about the alleged case.

Benson Thuranira Kathiai has taken to social media to deny defaming the singer saying it is just a matter of requesting him to refund his money.

Ben maintains that Bahati was arrested in his house on the morning of November 28 and taken to Karuri police station and later released after making numerous calls.

He says that Bahati, through his lawyers, has been trying to water down the case by asking for an out-of-court settlement.

“Bahati is my neighbour, I have known him for the last three years and he has been borrowing my car for sometime now. He approached me and told me about starting a business together called EMB films and production. I agreed and he told me since he is a big name, he will be able to market the business. He told me the business will cost Sh10 million so he said I have to give him Sh5 million because the equipment he already had were allegedly Sh5 million.”

He added: “We agreed he would be the CEO and I would be the director. I told my lawyer, we drafted an agreement. We got a house for the business and the owner wanted a six-month deposit. Bahati told me to give him Sh220,000 but I gave him Sh200,000. The following day he said he wanted to got to China, I talked to my lawyer about it, who advised me not to give the money yet, and later gave a text to the singer, who refused to give it back, saying he had already made it before I came to the picture,” Ben said.

“His lawyers are insisting that I should apologise about the post I put. They say we should sort out this story and withdraw my statement.”

Here are screengrabs of the suppposed contract agreement.