The cat’s officially out of the bag! Comedian JB Masanduku and radio personality Tina Kaggia are no longer an item.

A local daily pullout reports that Tina Kaggia walked out on the comedian more than 18 months ago after a tumultuous marriage that saw her get treatment for depression.

Speaking to Pulse Magazine, Tina Kaggia sought to set the record straight because she is tired of having her name tagged alongside his.

“I don’t want my name dragged into his life. How he lives is up to him; I am not going to lose my sleep,” said Kaggia.

“I pray that he figures himself out because he’s really talented; but it is not  my place to help him do so – I almost fell apart the last time I tried to.”

The couple said ‘I do’ in a discreet ceremony held at the Attorney General’s Chambers on October 1, 2013. Eight months later, the couple welcomed their son into the world. Yet by then, unknown to many, the clouds had already started gathering.

“He was out drinking the whole time and only saw his son after two days,” she recalled.

“He was never there, he would miss important dates and his vanishing acts – where he would disappear for days – became commonplace,” she revealed, adding that he would switch off his phone only for her to see pictures of his whereabouts doing rounds on social media.

He reportedly once took a road trip to Rwanda with friends without her knowledge.

Things got so bad that in March 2014, she moved out. It was the first time she had to make this difficult decision, mostly for the interests of the children.

“My son loved that guy. Whenever he walked into the room, the rest of its occupants ceased to exist and he only went for ‘Daddy Cool’…”

However, he still managed to walk back into her life, after apologising and charming his way.

“He’s a charmer; that’s why I’d always fall for his apologies,” Kaggia added.

Amidst this turbulence, the couple welcomed their second child, a girl, at the beginning of 2016. However, two months later, she decided she had had enough.

“He always called my bluff every time I told him that I would move out. By this time the stress was too much and I had even gone through treatment for depression,” she recalled.

Tina looked for a house but moving out proved difficult since the lease was in JB’s name and getting her household stuff out became a tussle. After managing to get her things out, for the first time in a long while, she slept like a baby.

To date, he does not know where she lives.

“We took a retreat to Mombasa to sort things out but he went back into his old habits as soon as we returned,” she said.  This is when she realised it was all over and she could not trust him.

The breakup took a heavy toll on her and she started to drink heavily. She then took a break from radio and sought treatment for depression.

“I disappeared for four months because I needed medical attention for depression; I was suicidal at this point,” she was quoted.

It was not until the beginning of this year that she started trying to get her new life together.

“I had to go through physical de-cluttering since almost everything I had brought back memories of our time together; I gave out most of my clothes and had to pick out new ones from my sister,” she said.

“I was not going to have them(kids) put in this kind of instability. I am neither going to raise my girls thinking it is OK to be treated that way nor let my son think women ought to be treated that way,” she stated.

“They are in their formative years and you know, damaged people damage other people.”

“I hope he’s well and I have forgiven him. There was a time I would not even mention his name but recently I even managed to sit through an episode of Comedy Club where he featured that was being repeated on TV… I could not have done that several months ago.”

Tina is said to be working on making the break up formal through a divorce.