We all fell in love at least once in life. Sometimes love sneaks up and strikes us like lightning on a cloudless day. How not to miss the blow? How to know you are in love? Here are signs from Vava Girls.

  •  You became very emotional

Love makes us sensitive and sentimental. We begin to experience new emotions. This is due to a number of psychosomatic processes. But it is important to understand that this is a kind of stress for our organisms and it shouldn’t last for a long time. Therefore, emotions become bleak over time and turn into affection. Also, you can always smile for no apparent reason.

  • You feel lack of communication with a person you like

How to know you are in love? We always want to see someone we love. We want and we are afraid at the same time (such an ambiguous state). If you have such feeling, then it is clear – love came. You always want to be closer to an object of your passion. If you are in the same room, a girl will pull you like a magnet.  

  • You are embarrassed

When it comes to a particular girl, you can be embarrassed. But, at the same time, you really want to talk about her and you are happy with any mention of her. The sound of her name evokes pleasant dreams. If you are quite communicative, then maybe your friends have already learned everything about a girl of your dreams.

  • You are ready to change

There are not so many things that can force a person to change. If you are ready to change for the better, then you do it because of love.

  • You want her

You want to hug her, hold her hand, kiss her lips, tell funny stories, and so on. You write a poem to her and read it standing on your knee. But mentally, you are between the desire to carry tenderness and romance, and have rude sex right here, on the windowsill. The combination of romance and sexual attraction is very similar to love.

  • You find hidden meaning in everything

How do you know if you love someone? Do you reread her messages? Do you look for hints in every phrase? Do you see secret signs everywhere? Here is one more symptom: you fall in love and this awakens suspicion. Probably, it arises from the fact that our thoughts are fixed on the objects of our love and we see and hear what we want from everywhere.

  • She is constantly present in your thoughts and doesn’t want to disappear from there

Often it bothers you at work, for example. But you can do nothing with this. And if nature decided that your time for love has come, you have to obey. Only extraordinary willpower can make you focus on the daily affairs. By the way, now you may have less appetite. When we have such raging feelings, we can’t think about food.

  • You can’t sleep

How to know you love someone? There are nights when you just can’t sleep. This is because you think about the subject of your love all the time, even at night.

  • Romantic is everywhere

You have only romantic melodramas and comedies in your laptop and there are only love songs in your music playlist now.

  • You see your object of sympathy wherever you go

Whatever she does and wherever she is, she is always invisibly present. You notice her in the crowd and in different places. You hear about her from acquaintances and her “online” in social networks makes your heart beat more often. It seems that fate confronts you. Yes, this is definitely the trick of a cupid!

  • You forgot your ex-girlfriend

Of course, you need some time to forget your ex. It may take several years or only several weeks. But when we fall in love, we almost don’t remember our former lovers. Moreover, you forgive her, let go and forget. Most importantly, you don’t feel any negative feelings about her. Any memory of her is something like “I had such a woman” but not “What a wonderful woman I had”.