There is a reason you don’t get a lot of women doing mobile phone reviews. Check for yourself on YouTube… 99% of all mobile phone reviews are usually conducted by men.

Generally, women are not very interested in the technical details of any gadgets. As long as the phone takes nice pictures, and has enough space for music, they’re good to go.

Media personality Caroline Mutoko is probably regretting doing a review of the new Samsung Note 8. In a video that has gone viral, the former Kiss 100 morning host discusses the Note 8 camera.

To be clear, Note 8 has a 12 megapixel dual camera. This is a new technology many phone manufacturers have adopted, where the second camera is meant to add depth, sharpness, detail, better zoom and a wider angle.

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But Mutoko has a very basic idea on how the two cameras supposedly work. Ignoring the part where the phone is advertised as 12 megapixel, she went on to inform her audience that each of the two cameras is 12 megapixels, making a total of 24MP.

Well, if that was the case, Samsung would have simply sold it as a 24 MP device.

In short, the concept of dual cameras is not simply adding pixels. Perhaps this incident is a perfect reason why people should try and stick to familiar ground, or at least do some research before venturing into strange territory.

Watch that clip.

But even with Mutoko’s mistake, it was unfortunate how some bloggers took to Facebook and Twitter to insult her, like she had just committed a mortal sin.

In any case, I think the video has more comedic value than what some people transformed it into.