At first, it was an upcoming wedding and now there are reports of an upcoming bundle of joy. The drama surrounding Bahati’s relationship with Diana Marua continues without any substantial information from both parties.

Over the weekend, Pulse reported that the lovebirds have postponed their wedding, which was to take place in August, because Diana is pregnant.

However, it is worth noting that the local daily pullout was relying on information from a supposed friend of Diana Marua.

She was quoted: “Every lady wants a wedding and that’s what Diana was looking forward to, but with the pregnancy and the responsibilities piling up, not to mention the elections, it makes sense for them to wait.”

But Bahati’s manager has shut down the rumors and insisted the couple would make the announcement themselves.

“Hio bado, siku mtoto atakuja watakuja kujua. Pia wedding time itafika watatangaziwa. Wataambiwa mambo ya wedding,” he reportedly told Word Is.

He added: “Ok, in short hakuna mtoto.”