Ben Githae’s ‘Tano Tena’ is loved and hated in equal measures. The Kikuyu gospel singer took it upon himself to compose a song for Uhuru’s re-election, and it got so popular it basically became the official Jubilee anthem.

Towards the August 8th election, the song had become so ubiquitous, especially in Jubilee strongholds, that some people had started describing it as an ‘ear ache’. As we head to the fresh election, the song that was thought to have been buried on August 8th is back… with a bang.

This time round, Jubilee seem to have adopted Ruto’s catchphrase ‘Wembe ni Ule Ule’ as their slogan. Ben Githae has taken that a step further and remixed his Tano Tena hit to include the same. Released last week, the song has already started getting massive airplay in Jubilee rallies. The singer even performed it at Uhuru Park on Saturday.

Watch the video above.