Kenyan motor vehicle manufacturer Mobius Motors has released the first pictures of their newest model ‘Mobius II’.

The manufacturer had initially teased with paper models, and it appears they have delivered on a very sleek-looking car by all standards, especially for their price range.

The new Mobius starts at Sh1.3 million for the 2-seat cargo carrier. There’s also a 5-seater version they are calling ‘Adventure’ which is going for Sh1.45 million. For a few other options, you’ll fork out Sh1.57 million.

All these prices are inclusive of VAT, meaning this is the cheapest bran new car you can get on the Kenyan market. For comparison, the much smaller VW Polo assembled in Thika retails for Sh1.65 million.

This new Mobius comes with an 1800 cc Engine and an option of 3 colors. Perhaps the only drawback for most Kenyans will be the fact that it comes with a manual transmission and no automatic option.

Also, anyone interested will have to ‘pre-order’, a concept not very common in Kenya.

Check out some pictures.