A new political drama series dubbed ‘Game of Wits’ is set to premiere soon.

The series, which is a local production, takes place in a fictional modern technological locale, called Jumbo County.

It revolves around the challenges the governor-elect Collins Limbo, played by Mombasa based actor Abubakar Ismael, and his team face during the first 100 days in office after winning an election by a landslide.

However, unbeknown to Mr Limbo, he is not exactly the people’s choice after a hacker was paid to rig the elections in his favor. This causes ripples in the local political scene when former governor Czar Kige (Raymond Ofula) finds out he may have been rigged out.

Kige is a ruthless politician who will do almost anything for power.

The series is written and produced by Liz Karanja who also stars as Lexy, Limbo’s secretary, and Kige’s foster child.

Speaking with ActScene, Liz said that she wanted to prove that Kenya can also produce good quality shows.

“We have some of the best actors in Kenya and this show will prove that. I’m not so much into politics but I wanted to do something that will resonate with Kenyans,” she said.

The show’s pilot episode was shot in 2014 and took almost three years for the first season to be picked by a local TV station. The season was shot this year between April and May and is currently in post-production.

“I just cannot wait for people to see what we have done because the story revolves around general politics based in our African continent. The Game of Wits involves a lot of tact in order for the politicians to achieve their selfish agenda,” Karanja added.

Emnaz International, a company based in Mombasa, is behind the production of the show.