On Wednesday, a letter purporting to be from Musalia Mudavadi, tendering his resignation from Nasa due to ‘unavoidable circumstances’ went viral.

Despite Nasa dealing with constant defections these past few weeks, this letter was immediately dismissed as a fake. A defection is generally a ‘process not an event’, and it would be unbelievable that Mudavadi who had appeared in a Nasa presser the day before, and posted pro-Nasa statements on social media just hours before, had suddenly left the coalition.

The source of the letter still remains unknown, but it was assumed to be part of the Jubilee campaign propaganda machinery.

Indeed, Mudavadi himself came out hours later and dismissed it as a fake. He said it was ‘a sign of a desperate party’ and urged Kenyans to treat it with the contempt it deserves.

To make it as convincing as possible, the person who created the letter had to look for a convincing signature. After all, the average Kenyan does not know how Mudavadi’s signature looks.

But a close observation reveals the name Marilyn. So I went searching for the most famous person bearing that name. You guessed it, American actress and model Marylin Monroe. She was the most famous actress in the 50s. Apart from her great looks and acting skills, she further made world headlines following news of her affair with President John F Kennedy.

It’s 55 years since she died, but she is still regarded as a Hollywood legend.

Well, it so happens that her signature is well documented. At it bears close resemblance to the one on the fake Mudavadi letter. In fact, it is one and the same.

With about a month to the election, be careful of the fake news out there.