A Malawian national was on Wednesday arraigned on terrorism related charges after he was found drawing a sketch of the Mombasa Standard Gauge Railway terminus.

Kristen Kishombe, was arrested on Monday at the Miritini terminus in possession of a map of the facility. Police suspected he was using the map to plan terrorism acts.

Police also claim he took photographs of the station, a train, and himself inside the locomotive, after arriving from Nairobi by the same train on August 28 at 5.30pm.

Kishombe, who claims to be a professional footballer, was also charged with refusing to leave a place not intended for passengers.

Appearing before Chief Magistrate Julius Nang’ea, the accused denied the charges.

He told the court that he thought it was normal for any passenger to take photos while aboard the train.

“If taking photos around the terminus was illegal, the security officers would not have allowed me to do that. I feel the police just want to implicate me with issues of terrorism and I have never been in any terrorist group,” he said.

Kishombe further told the court that he should not be taken as a terrorist since people from Malawi rarely involve themselves with terrorist activities.

“This information given to the court is just meant to put me in hot soup. No Malawian has ever been involved in terrorism and I also have documents showing that I am in Kenya legally.”

Prosecuting counsel Lydia Kagori sought to have the accused detained for 15 days to allow completion of investigations.

She said the accused is suspected to belong to a terrorist organization and that police had no time to record statements.

The magistrate allowed police to hold the accused for seven days. The case will be mentioned on September 7 for further directions.