Youthful job seekers in Nandi County have received a major boost from their County boss, Stephen Sang. The governor, who is Kenya’s youngest, has annulled the requirement of five years’ experience for youths applying for jobs in the county government.

This is after recent job advertisements in the county stated applicants are required to have worked for at least five years.

Sang, 32, said the requirement does not apply to youths.

He noted the new directive will allow the county to hire more of those who were locked out by the stringent requirements.

“We want to have more friendly terms for our youth to engage with the county and the private sector in our region,” Sang said on Wednesday.

“The new measures will enable them to get jobs easily.”

He said the requirement locks out qualified individuals who cannot get the experience they require if they are not given jobs in the first place when they apply.

“We have revoked the requirement and urge as many youths as possible to apply so they can be considered for the top county jobs,” Sand declared.

He said youths who apply will be given special consideration during interviews.

“We will ensure that a third of jobs in the county are taken by the young people,” Sang told The Star.

He also promised to establish an external internship placement programme to support graduates.