Here are some of the stories making news headlines today.

Dida: I Will Vote for Uhuru if He Goes for a Drug Test… How Can Eyes be Red 24/7? – VIDEO

Serial presidential candidate Abduba Dida yesterday called a press conference to add his voice on emerging political issues. Dida, who emerged 4th in the August 8th election with 38,000 votes, condemned the planned demos by Nasa to remove certain individuals within IEBC from office. He said th

“Kijana Bila Adabu..” Uhuru Responds To Babu Owino

Embakasi East Member of Parliament Babu Owino yesterday came under attack from all sides for insulting President Uhuru Kenyatta. In a rally on Sunday, Babu compared Uhuru to several African presidents who were removed from office by citizens, after extending their stay. He mentioned the likes of

Babu Owino Refuses To Apologize After Calling Uhuru ‘Mtoto wa Mbwa’

Babu Owino has in recent weeks taken up the role of Uhuru Kenyatta’s chief ‘insulter’. Since he won his parliamentary seat, Babu has played a key role in most of Nasa campaign rallies. Having coined all of Nasa’s main rallying calls, Tibim, Tialala etc. he remains a crowd favourite.

Cholera Outbreak Strikes Daystar University as 10 Students are Admitted

The cholera outbreak has struck the Daystar University, Athi River campus, as at least 10 students are admitted in hospitals. According to the institution’s administration, the first case was reported on Saturday at 7 am. “This student had gone to visit her family in Kayole. She returned on Fr

Could North Korean, US threats of destruction cause an accidental war?

While neither country is outwardly moving towards an actual war footing, military displays of power, mixed with threats and counter threats may result in an ugly outcome, Stratfor Vice President of Strategic Analysis Rodger Baker told CNN.

North Korea accuses Trump of declaring war

In light of this, Ri said North Korea would take counter measures, including the right to shoot down US bombers flying over the Korean Peninsula, even if they did not enter North Korean airspace. Ri made the comments to reporters in New York.

Twitter explains why it won’t remove Trump’s North Korea tweet

On Sept. 23, Trump tweeted, “Just heard Foreign Minister of North Korea speak at U.N. If he echoes thoughts of Little Rocket Man, they won’t be around much longer!” The phrase “Little Rocket Man” refers to North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

Conservatives accuse the Pope of spreading heresy

The widely publicized, theologically dense letter was delivered to the Pope with 40 signatures on August 11, according to its organizers. It has since gained 22 more signatures and was released to the public on Saturday. In a press release, the organizers say they speak for “a large number” of clergy and lay Catholics who “lack freedom of speech.”

4 reasons Trump thinks NFL players are a good target (and 1 big reason he’s wrong)

Over those intervening 48 hours, a national controversy erupted — with professional athletes asserting their right to express their First Amendment freedoms, team owners expressing their support for their players and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell condemning Trump’s “divisive comments.”

World’s second biggest diamond sells for $53 million

After failing to sell at a Sotheby’s auction last year, the 1,109-carat uncut stone has now fetched $53 million in a private sale to luxury jeweler Graff Diamonds. The seller, Canada’s Lucara , recovered the huge diamond from Botswana’s Karowe mine nearly two years ago.

Russian couple suspected of eating up to 30 victims

The gruesome case in the southern Krasnodar region has led to the arrest of a 35-year-old man and his wife, both of whom are alleged to have murdered as many as 30 people since 1999 and consumed parts of the bodies, Russian media reported. Police have identified seven victims so far.

WhatsApp is blocked in China

According to the Open Observatory of Network Interference (OONI), network measurement data suggests that Chinese internet service providers started blocking access to WhatsApp on September 23. Public reports on Twitter indicate that WhatsApp, which is owned by Facebook, became inaccessible for some people on September 19.

Hillary Clinton Calls Kushner Email Revelations ‘The Height Of Hypocrisy’

Hillary Clinton slammed the administration of President Donald Trump for its “rank hypocrisy” following revelations that the president’s son-in-law and senior adviser Jared Kushner had used a private email account to conduct White House business.

Body Language Experts Explain Harry’s Strange Pose With Melania Trump

A picture is worth a thousand words. But some onlookers apparently thought this one, of Prince Harry and Melania Trump at the Invictus Games in Toronto over the weekend, is worth 666. Harry and the first lady posed for a series of photos together before sitting down for a chat.

Meghan Markle Nails A Classic Duchess Kate Move

Royal enthusiasts are waiting with bated breath for Meghan Markle and Prince Harry to get engaged. And it appears that if their relationship does head down that road, it’ll be paved with great fashion. Markle’s outfit at the couple’s first official public appearance together, the opening of the Invictus Games in Toronto on Saturday, serves as proof.

Trump Hits Puerto Rico For ‘Broken Infrastructure & Massive Debt’

President Donald Trump on Monday briefly paused his attacks on protests at NFL games to address the unfolding humanitarian crisis in Puerto Rico. The island is in the middle of a massive humanitarian crisis after it was slammed by Hurricane Maria last week.

‘We Are Outraged’: Thousands Of Faith Leaders Oppose GOP Health Care Bill

A contingent of over 3,000 faith leaders released a letter to members of the Senate on Monday urging them to vote against Republican legislators’ latest attempt to repeal the Affordable Care Act. On Sunday evening, Republican senators circulated a new version of their much-disputed legislation to repeal “Obamacare.”

The First Public Photos Of Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Holding Hands

It’s the moment that royal fanatics have been waiting for. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have gone from zero to 100 real quick in terms of public displays of affection. The two were spotted in Toronto Monday attending an Invictus Games event together, and they were hand in hand.

Apple finally ditches Bing for Siri’s search results

The next time you ask Siri a question, Apple’s AI will finally offer up search results to help you find an answer using Google, like the rest of the civilized world. Apple is dumping Microsoft’s Bing as the default search platform for Siri, Search inside iOS, and Spotlight on Macs in favor of Google, according to Tech Crunch .

Twitter finally breaks silence on why it’s never suspended President Trump

Twitter finally has an answer for critics who claim that the social network gives President Donald Trump a pass on his inflammatory tweets. A company spokesman said Monday that it takes into account “newsworthiness” and potential public interest when deciding whether or not a particular tweet violates the company’s rules for appropriate conduct.

BMW produces giant wireless charging pad for your car

Just when you were getting used to the idea of wirelessly charging your iPhone 8, BMW’s jumped on the bandwagon with a giant wireless charging pad for your car. The German auto maker explains in a blog post that it’s planning on making a wireless inductive charger available in 2018.

Coca-Cola with coffee: Meet the ‘Nuts and Gum’ of sodas

The humble soda hasn’t been getting a lot of good press lately, but you know what everyone still loves? Coffee. It might just be why Coca-Cola has latched onto our favourite caffeinated beverage, combining it into the (not so catchily named) Coca-Cola Plus Coffee No Sugar.

Uber CEO admits ‘we’ve got things wrong’ in open letter

Uber is in conciliatory mode, at least in London. After Transport for London (TfL) stripped the car-riding app of its licence to operate in the UK capital, the CEO Dara Khosrowshahi penned an open letter in the Evening Standard in which he acknowledges mistakes were made and apologises for them.

Someone reportedly hacked Deloitte through an account without two-step verification

One of the world’s largest accounting firms has been hacked. Hackers broke into a Deloitte administrative account, according to The Guardian , and stole emails and other information pertaining to Deloitte clients. Deloitte brought in $37 billion last year for its consultancy in the areas of taxes, auditing, and also cybersecurity, which makes the way these hackers broke into Deloitte all the more embarrassing.