Eric Omondi has thrown his weight behind the comedy industry as a good source of income. Omondi, who is one of the most successful comedians in Africa, says the future is bright for comedy.

He was speaking about his time in the industry, noting that when he started, he was being paid with food.

“The comedy industry is going good places. When I started doing comedy, we were being paid with food. Now, it’s paying. Parents need to encourage their kids. Comedy is paying and the future is very bright,” he told Word Is.

Eric also recalled one of his worst shows where no one laughed at his jokes.

“My worst show was in Malindi, they had never heard of me and a local TV was launching its mast. It was the first time people there were seeing me,” narrated Omondi.

“I went there and I was late. I took the mic and I was like ‘Hawayunii’. For two hours nobody laughed. I will never forget that day.”

Eric also spoke up about his music parody videos and which one is his best to date.

“Mtu akifanya parody yako inamaanisha hiyo ngoma yako ni noma,” he said, “Na bado itapeleka attraction kwa ngoma yako. My best parody was ‘How To Be Akothee and Saratina’.”