Award winning fashion blogger Sharon Mundia has finally spoken up about her noticeable absence from social media.

The last time the lifestyle blogger kept her over 230,000 followers on Instagram updated, was on Christmas last year.

In those eight months, Mundia, who is also a vlogger, gave birth and the general consensus was that she took a break to concentrate on raising her daughter.

So why exactly did the one-time internet breaker stop posting on social media?

Explaining on her Youtube Channel, Mundia said she lost track and felt burdened to continue with her activities on social media.

She added that posting on social media was driving her nuts.

“For a while I had been feeling unsettled in my role as an influencer or as a creative, I didn’t know how to be myself and I would just share because of sharing or because a contract says I need to put this up at this time and it wasn’t authentic, it wasn’t really me. It was making something that I once loved feel like a chore and a burden and I was starting to resent it. And after months and months of thinking about it I realised that there were a couple of issues I had about it, I didn’t know what my why was. Whereas I started my blog because I needed an escape because I was going through something in my life… at some point I was like, wait a second, I actually like this, let me do it for good. And then it became if I’m doing this solely then it needs to make financial sense, so now I’m doing it chasing the money. All that was good but that can’t be what is fully driving me yet it was something I completely enjoyed. It wasn’t clear what my purpose was and I started to feel guilty… it was driving me nuts… ” Sharon Mundia.

Watch the video below: