The Nakuru County government has threatened to sue David Owuor’s Ministry of Repentance and Holiness.

The county ‘s Environment department has accused Owuor’s followers of destroying trees as they harvest the twigs they use in processions to celebrate the alleged resurrection of a church member.

Last month, hundreds of prophet David Owuor believers took over Nakuru town to celebrate the resurrection of Mama Rosa Rotirakori who had allegedly died on 22nd June.

Chanting praises of their prophet, the followers sang and waved twigs and tree branches on the streets. This has put them on a collision course with environmentalists.

“The church has been in conflict with the law as they embark on their celebrations and preaching. This cannot go unpunished,” said Kiogora Muriithi, the county director of environment.

According to Muriithi, over 2,000 worshippers destroy trees during their processions every Sunday.

The church has, however, denied the claims and promised to conform to environmental laws.

“We often ask worshippers to bring twigs from their homes and go back with them after the procession,” said Archbishop John Litunda.