Some time back, we had a poll asking whether you support the introduction of the death penalty to deal with corrupt individuals. Over 80% of those who responded said Yes.

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Readers of this blog are generally in their 20s and 30s, and therefore we may conclude that our poll results are skewed. However, if the words of one veteran are to be believed, the feeling is the same among other age demographics.

During the Jamhuri Day celebration at Nyayo Stadium, KTN interviewed a veteran on what is the biggest challenge in Kenya today.

“Maswala ile iko sasa kwa serikali yetu, ni ya ufisadi,” he said. He then went on to give suggestions on how to deal with this seed of corruption.

“Hao wote wapelekwe Kamiti. Wale wengine watolewe makende..” he said.

Watch the clip.