On this last Friday of 2016, these are the stories making headlines.

BIG SHAME: Kenyans Angered by Royal Media Services ‘Recruitment Scam’

REVEALED: How Royal Media is Making Hundreds of Millions from Their ‘Recruitment Exercise’

Syria ceasefire deal reached between regime and rebels, Russia says

North Korea: The threat from ‘world’s most dangerous man’

Kim Jong Un has executed over 300 people since coming to power

Berlin truck’s braking system ‘may have saved lives’

White House prepares sanctions for Russian election meddling

Woman who killed abusive husband pardoned by French president

Obama: My friends never call me Mr. President

Trump gives bizarre, impromptu press conference in Florida

Philippine’s Duterte says he once threw a man from a helicopter and threatens to do it again

How Russia’s most advanced military equipment stacks up against NATO hardware

Why Americans refrigerate their eggs but Europeans don’t

The 10 most purchased brands in the world

The 10 best TV shows of 2016, ranked

If you’re new to coding, this is the programming language you should learn first

Star Wars gamers gather to honour Carrie Fisher

‘YouTuber’ is a real word now because the Oxford English Dictionary says so

Send kisses to a loved one via iPhone with this ‘kiss messenger’

Paul Ryan wants to fine people who livestream from the House floor

World map proves basically every country has a terrible tourism slogan

Check out Amazon’s plans for drone-distributing airborne warehouses

Donald Trump: Don’t Blame Russia For Hacking, Blame Computers For Making Life Complicated

Iconic Actress Debbie Reynolds Dies At 84

Patton Oswalt’s Tweet Captures Heartbreak And Humor After Debbie Reynolds’ Death