It seems like just the other day when popular disc jockey George Njuguna aka Creme de la Creme was embroiled in an embarrassing sex-tape scandal that threatened to end his marriage.

It was just over a year ago, and the entertainer and his wife, Denise, have beaten all odds to come out on top. Until September this year,  malicious rumours about his 11-year marriage being on the rocks could not go away.

“Why would someone want to make up rumours about my wife and I on matters so private. How do you go ahead and think we have quarrels in our closet and come up with a theory that we are headed for separation. You must be real evil,” said DJ Crème as he quashed the rumors once and for all.

“My wife and I are happy,” he added.

And indeed they are happy if a recent heartwarming message from Denise to Creme on his birthday is anything to go by.

Denise gushed over Creme on social media as he turned 33 on Thursday. She described him as her pillar of support and anchor in life.

“Happy Birthday to my pillar of support, anchor in life, biggest fan, loyal supporter, emotional healer, eye candy & most of all my loving husband & father of my kids. I thank God for you every waking day & wish you more love to sustain you through the years, lots of good health so you can keep up with our growing kids, &more wealth so you can take me to Paris ??? It’s been an amaizing roller coaster ride with you my Love. May you always fly high in life and touch all your dreams. Love you DEEEP”

Creme responded: “Awwww.. That’s the sweetest thing I’ve read baby… Thank you so much.. I love you so much.. And yes.. Let’s fly to Paris”